It is confident that it will rank in the top three of China's intelligent driving

August 31, 2023

  At the press conference, Liu Tao, co-CEO of Zhiji Automobile, frequently said, "It takes 2 years to complete the 9-year intelligent driving road of friendly businessmen"... In the exchange session after the press conference, Liu Tao said bluntly that LS6 is an invincible 6 series product within one million... Xpeng G6 is not a competitor of LS6, NIO ES6, Denza N7, Avita 11 are.

  The strongest 800V, "the strongest power in a million", "the fastest charging speed", "the strongest thermal management"... It is not difficult to see the sincerity of Zhiji in hardware and configuration. However, looking at the entire domestic market, the involution of the high-end intelligent electric vehicle market has entered a new height: 800V, intelligent cockpit, and high-end intelligent driving have almost become standard. Car companies must not only achieve the ultimate in vehicle performance, but also attractive prices.


  The cost is high, the things are good, but the market is very volatile, and the product pricing cannot be too high, there is indeed pressure, Liu Tao sighed. But Liu Tao still hopes to make LS6 occupy a place in the mainstream market through a good product definition.

Focus on meeting different scenarios of users

  Even if new energy vehicles have been promoted for many years now, problems such as mileage anxiety and energy replenishment anxiety have not been completely solved. On the LS6, Zhiji labeled "the strongest 800V", and the charging efficiency was greatly improved, with a range of 200km in 5 minutes of charging.

  In fact, the domestic market using 800V platform pure electric vehicles are not a few, it is reported that most of the pure electric vehicles built with the 800V platform, only in the charging system using 800V architecture, 800V advantages can only be reflected in the charging time.

The battery, motor, electronic control and other components equipped with the Zhiji LS6 are fully adapted to the 800V high-voltage platform, and the maximum working voltage even reaches 875V, becoming the industry's first "quasi-900V dual silicon carbide high-performance platform" model.

  Why do you want to make such a high voltage platform? Liu Tao explained that many of the so-called 800V platforms on the market are solutions given by third-party suppliers, and the "strongest 800V" of Zhiji LS6 is self-developed by SAIC except for the battery cells that are cooperated with CATL.


  Liu Tao said that in the era of smart electric vehicles, the update speed of new technologies is too fast, as a "big factory", Zhiji will definitely leave the technical ceiling and bandwidth enough, if it is set low, it will soon encounter a technical bottleneck. "We can say with certainty that in the next 2-3 years, the 600V platform on the market will soon be surpassed, and the LS6's "quasi-900V high-performance platform" is difficult to break through. ”

He added that at present, in the entire market, the only 800V platform with dual silicon carbide technology is Zhiji Auto. "Most of the friends are "IGBT+silicon carbide", while LS6 is double imported double silicon carbide. Because the platform voltage of LS6 is too high, it is not that silicon double carbide cannot hold up.

  It is worth noting that the LS6 is not equipped with 800V as standard on all series, and different versions of the Zhiji LS6 are equipped with 400V high-voltage technology and 800V high-voltage technology. Liu Tao explained that Zhiji LS6 "all in 800V" is not impossible, but in the current Chinese market, the proportion of charging piles below 120 kW exceeds 80%, that is, only a few users who can use 480 kW charging piles can truly enjoy the characteristics of 800V products. In the price range of 230,000-300,000 yuan, the products of the two platforms of "quasi-900V high performance" and "quasi-500V performance" are based on the actual situation of market infrastructure and the different needs of users, giving users the freedom to choose products.

2 years to complete the 9 years of intelligent driving of friendly businessmen

  Since the establishment of the brand in December 2020, Zhiji Auto has only spent more than two years to shout "Zhiji 2 years, complete the 9 years of smart driving by friendly businessmen." slogan.

  It is reported that in the fourth quarter of this year, Zhiji IM AD will officially enter the era of urban NOA, and can realize the urban NOA of high-definition maps, getting rid of the dependence on high-definition maps.

  In terms of intelligent driving, the Zhiji LS6 is based on the Zhiji L7 and LS6 to upgrade the pain points in the process of commuting cars in urban areas. In the face of side parking, close to the road and some narrow road dead ends, users can use the one-key driving intelligent driving function to deal with it with peace of mind and effort.

  Another aspect of intelligence is the intelligent cockpit. It is understood that Zhiji LS6 designs the entire cockpit with the concept of driving as the first criterion, continuing the layout of the liftable long screen cockpit of Zhiji's previous two models, L7 and LS7. At the same time, a slightly smaller control screen is arranged in the position of the central armrest, combined with cameras and other equipment outside the car, which can create a more worry-free and worry-free driving experience for users.

  In addition, based on the screen layout, LS6 has a digital visual blindness capture function, which projects the picture on the in-car screen through the form of blindness capture through the intelligent driving camera outside the car, and cooperates with lighting and sound effect reminders to make up for the blind spot, increase driving safety and driver confidence.

  Liu Tao confidently said that in terms of high-level intelligent driving capabilities, Zhiji, Huawei and Xiaopeng are the top three in the industry, each with its own strengths. He said that on LS6, Zhiji can cover the full urban scene and the NOA solution of high-definition maps with only a single Orin chip and a single lidar. The intelligent cockpit is based on a single Qualcomm 8155 chip, which can also achieve the industry's best smooth ability, screen control ability, and voice ability. Liu Tao said that in the intelligent arms race, Zhiji is reducing the cost of science and technology and software to achieve faster profits.

  It is understood that the LS6 is tentatively scheduled to be launched in mid-October, and will be launched and delivered, and all test drives and exhibition vehicles will arrive at the store at the same time. Liu Tao said, "We expect LS6 to explode." In terms of production capacity, Zhiji plans to increase at a rate of about 2,000-3,000 vehicles per month, and form a relatively high production capacity by the end of the year.

  Today we have done a good job of technology accumulation, and the real PK is behind. Liu Tao believes that Zhiji Auto is fully confident that it will rank in the top three in China's intelligent driving field. (Text/Autohome Zhang Lingxiao )

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