The bosses of China Auto Parts City are busy "optimizing" Tesla for Elon Musk 1

July 13, 2023

Domestic "Yoke" steering wheel



The Yoke is a futuristic-looking steering wheel, but Tesla has only equipped it with the Model S and Model X. However, Model 3 and Model Y, the best-selling models in China, are not equipped with Yoke, which undoubtedly makes many car owners feel sorry. But it doesn’t matter, the Chinese Yoke is already in place. Both the workmanship and the shape are close to the original factory. You can even choose a heating kit. The color and material are richer than the original Yoke. The installation work can be done in any repair shop, and there are even The owner did the replacement himself.


If you think the shape of the original Yoke is still too monotonous, there are other more exaggerated products with more radical colors and shapes.



As we all know, Musk doesn't like the dashboard, such as the Tesla Model 3 in the picture above, there is only a large screen in the center console position in the car. Although it is powerful, it is still easy to distract people who are used to looking down at the instrument. The auto parts city bosses came up with a solution: equip Tesla with a dashboard! As soon as the idea was born, instrument clusters of various sizes and types appeared, some mounted on the steering column and others fixed on the center console.

Some products design the instrument panel and the central control decorative panel as a whole, so that users can choose the material of the decorative panel, whether it is wood grain or carbon fiber, various styles can be realized.


As for how to achieve data connection, only data cables and connectors are needed to read the information on the large screen and display it on the dashboard. Of course, sometimes a Canbus protocol box needs to be installed. Many of the screens also have built-in speakers and microphones, and instrument functions can also be controlled from the steering wheel.


Some dashboards have a split-screen display function, half of which can display Carplay or Baidu Carlife, and the other half can display content on the Tesla screen.

Rotatable center console base

Although Tesla's screen is very large, it is still necessary to twist your neck or lean your body to operate the screen every time. Some domestic car brands design the central control screen to be rotatable, such as BYD Destroyer 05, the large central control screen supports rotation and adjustment. The boss of the domestic auto parts city has developed a base suitable for Tesla screens. The simple ones can support 30-degree horizontal rotation, and the complex ones can support vertical and horizontal multi-directional adjustments.


It is very simple to install without destroying any structure, as simple as replacing the base of the computer screen.




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