• Automechanika Shanghai Will Be Postponed Until Dec. 1-4,2022
    Automechanika Shanghai Will Be Postponed Until Dec. 1-4,2022
    Hi,my friend, how are you? Welcome to Guangzhou Smartlion Stream.Today I’d like to talk about one news on Automechanic Shanghai, it’s one of big special fairs for auto spare parts in China, it should be held in Shanghai at the end of November this year, while because several coronovirus cases has emerged in some cities, it has been postponed. The new date has come out from the sponsors, it will be postponed until Dec. 1 to 4 next year 2022. The Chinese mainland on Tuesday (Dec 7) reported 44 new locally transmitted covid-19 cases, of the new local cases, 34 were reported in Inner Mongolia, 8 in Zhejiang, 1 in Heilongjiang, and 1 in Shanghai. 5 person are inapparent infection, who are from Zhejiang. As we know,china mainland carry out safe and strict policy to control the spread of Covid-19 cases, if any Covid 19 cases were reported in one area or city, then the area or city will be shutdown, the testing of nucleic acid will be completed in all the residents of the area, perhaps 3 or 4 testing times for each person in several days. The policy is very effective, and it’s good for the resident health, the virus can be quickly controlled in a limited space and area. But another aspect, it will influence some people’s work and business, many shops and restaurants will have to stop working . But this is the best way to stop the virus spread.Testing nucleic acid are free, but compulsory. During the pandemic, in china, when you go to take a bus,metro, or enter any building,shops , you will have to show the Healthy color by your mobilephone. Normally there are 3 colors, Green, Yellow and Red. Green means you are safe and clear, you can go freely, Yellow means you have certain problem, that means recently perhaps you have had a fever over 37.c or you have stayed in some area where the infected person has stayed, or perhaps you have connetcted with the infected person, then you have to apply for testing nucliec acid and will be quaranteed for 7 days. If you have been infected or suspected case, it will be Red, you will have to go hospital. Automechanic fair is an internationl fair, and most visitors are foreigners, because of the pandemic, most foreign visitors can not get the visa, the potential visitors will be a little, the sponsors have issued out the official notification to postpone the off-line fair, while the on-line fair will be held. So if you cannot come to the off-line fair in person, you could visit the website and check the on-line fair. The on-line fair is a virtual fair, it’s easy, convenient and effificent. If you want more information about the live show, welcome to visit the website or check their wechat official accounts named AUTOMECHANIKASH. AUTOMECHANIKASH. AUTOMECHANIKASHOk, if there is any news about the fair, I will tell you later, stay safe, thank you for your watching.
  • Due to the Recurrence of COVID-19, Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition in Shanghai Will Be Postponed, the Time Is Not Determined
    Due to the Recurrence of COVID-19, Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition in Shanghai Will Be Postponed, the Time Is Not Determined
    Hello everyone, today we would like to talk about the topic that Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition in Shanghai will be postponed. Frankfurt Auto Parts fair is the largest auto parts fair in China. The exhibition was originally scheduled to take place in Shanghai at the end of November, but was postponed due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak in many Chinese cities. Because China's epidemic policy is to suspend exchanges between these cities as long as there is an epidemic, it has a great impact on the exhibition. More importantly, since China's borders are not fully open, this exhibition is mainly targeted at foreign guests. Due to the epidemic control, many foreign guests cannot get visas, so there are very few guests who can attend this exhibition. The exhibition party has issued a formal notice that the exhibition will be postponed, and the specific time for the exhibition to reopen has not been confirmed yet. If there is any latest information, I will inform you. Thank you and see you next week.
  • The Current Situation of COVID-19 in China, the Price of Sea Freight, Production Cycle and Delivery Time
    The Current Situation of COVID-19 in China, the Price of Sea Freight, Production Cycle and Delivery Time
    Hello, everyone. Today, I would like to explain to you the current situation of COVID-19 in China, as well as issues related to shipping costs from China to the rest of the world and the cycle of production and manufacturing. China recently there has been a sporadic outbreaks, in effective control of the most serious new variants of the virus did not occur, so now most parts of China's life and make all is normal, everyone do not need to worry too much, although some places the epidemic, but China's policy is to just find the outbreak will isolation test, so a massive infection will not occur. In terms of sea freight, the current situation is probably better than before, reduced a little bit, 40 containers, the approximate freight is about 18,000 DOLLARS, 20 feet container freight is about 9000 dollars, this price has been maintained for two or three months, there is no big change. Now the production cycle of auto parts, about 3~4 months, of course, these are based on different product attributes, production time is also different. Chinese Spring Festival will come at the end of January, so from mid-January to mid-February, many factories will be on holiday and will not arrange production of goods. Therefore, please note that if you have orders that need to be arranged for production, you can arrange your orders in advance. Thank you and we will see you next week.
  • New Business: Whole Car Parts for New Models
    New Business: Whole Car Parts for New Models
    Hello everyone, I am the sales manager of Guangzhou SmartLion Development Co. Our company is mainly engaged in French and Korean auto parts company, and has been engaged in the production and sales of auto parts for more than 30 years, has rich experience. Today, I would like to recommend to you our new business, which is the auto parts of some new high-end models made in China, such as the whole car parts of new models such as Great Wall, Harvard, BYD, JMC, etc. We have the original and auxiliary parts of these models, with excellent quality and exquisite packaging. If the new and old customers have this aspect of business can contact me, thank you.

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